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Klingspor® 66520 CS 561 Closed Coat Round Hole Abrasive Fiber Disc, 9-1/4 in Dia Disc, 7/8 in Center Hole, 120 Grit, Fine Grade, Aluminum Oxide Abrasive



Klingspor® Abrasive Fiber Disc, Closed Coat Round Hole, Series: CS 561, 9-1/4 in Diameter Disc, 7/8 in Center Hole, 120 Grit, Fine Grade, Aluminum Oxide Abrasive, Multi-Layer Fiber Backing, Applicable Materials: Metal, Non-Ferrous Metal, Steel, 6500 rpm Maximum

CS 561 fiber discs for steel and NF metal deliver exceptionally high removal rates. Its synthetic resin bond makes this product particularly robust, durable and long-lasting. Fiber discs CS 561 are flexible, yet enormously powerful. Available in all diameters common in the industry, the CS 561 offers the largest selection of fiber discs included in Klingspor® product range. The wide selection of grit sizes turns the CS 561 into a highly versatile abrasive: metal, NE metal, plastic and wood. This fiber disc is composed of a backing which is made of a multi-layer fiber composite material that comes with a closely coated aluminum oxide grain. The grains are bonded to the backing by an adhesive that is based on a synthetic resin. The fiber discs CS 561 are designed for use on angle grinders. Its extensive selection of grit sizes makes the grinding disc CS 561 suitable for a wide range of applications. The medium and fine grit sizes allow for a high removal rate on steel and non-ferrous metal. The coarser grit sizes even allow the CS 561 to be used on wood or plastic. Its sturdy construction makes it possible to work at extremely high speeds. The right choice of backing pad is paramount to achieving the desired finish. Customers can choose between two general types of backing pads: backing pad ST 358 medium and smooth, backing pad ST 358 A hard and ribbed. Ideal for producing a uniform finish, the medium backing pad conforms flexibly to the contours of the workpiece. It is uniquely suited for finer grinding as well as for the grinding of contours and the rounding of edges. The CS 561 fitted on hard backing pads is the tool of choice for jobs that call for rough grinding at high removal rates. The hard backing pad is an exceptionally fine choice for deburring and chamfering edges.


Abrasive Material Aluminum Oxide
Applicable Materials Metal, Non-Ferrous Metal, Steel
Backing Material Multi-Layer Fiber
Center Hole Size 7/8 in
Disc Diameter 9-1/4 in
Grade Fine
Grit 120
Maximum Speed 6500 rpm
Series CS 561
Type Closed Coat Round Hole

Country of Origin: Germany

Standards and Approvals: EN 12413, OSA Approved, REACH Compliant

For universal and angle grinder


  • Largest selection of diameters, grit sizes and hole patterns
  • Extended service life - the exceptionally long service life is the result of Klingspor® Advanced Coating Technology (ACT) and the excellent grit adhesion ACT provides
  • Custom hole patterns - highly advanced manufacturing technology allows us to produce custom hole patterns made exactly to the customer's specifications
  • High removal rate - Klingspor® fiber discs deliver superior stock removal as their combination of backing, bond and grit is perfectly adapted to the material under processing.
  • Proven safety - Klingspor® fiber discs have been tested according to the guidelines of the oSa directives and are guaranteed to comply with European safety standard EN 12413.

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